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Do You Have Bitcoin?

Have You Ever Thought About Buying Bitcoin (BTC)?

Is Bitcoin price headed to over $100,000?  

When is the next Spike or Drop?

Which Altcoin is forecasted to be the Biggest Winner?

Of the 12 Turns in the past 11-weeks,

our PRIVATE CYCLE 'nailed' 10 of 12 turns…

Perfectly, 83%...WOW!

Bo Polny Update Video
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"Life is full of cycles that do nothing more that replay 

themselves at different

price points". 


- Bo Polny, Analyst of TIME

Like all asset classes, they go UP and then DOWN… The ‘wise’ BUY at or near the price LOWS and enjoy incredible price gains; while the ‘herd’ BUY at or near the TOPS only to suffer a financial loss, sometimes rather sizable. 


If you got involved in Bitcoin (BTC) in December of 2017, you would have been a part of the ‘herd’ mentality as you were BUYING at or near $20,000, only to suffer a rather sizable financial loss as Bitcoin crashed to near $3100 a year later!


On the other hand, if you were involved in Bitcoin (BTC) in December of 2017 and you were one of our PRIVATE subscribers, you would have been a part of the ‘wise’ SELLING at or near $20,000 and then BUYING at or near $3100 a year later and presently ENJOYING a $9,000+ gain as bitcoin trades above $12,200 (7/09/2019). People had four months to accumulate Bitcoin at the $3,000 range and change their lives.

Better yet… Our PRIVATE subscribers were BUYING Litecoin at or near $22 while bitcoin (BTC) was near $3100 and presently ENJOYING a 500% gain as Litecoin currently trades above $115 (7/09/2019). 


So… Is it now TIME TO SELL or BUY at these current high levels with Bitcoin (BTC) trading above $12,200 and Litecoin above $115?  This ALWAYS the BIG QUESTION… “Should I BUY NOW or SELL NOW or WAIT for a BETTER LOWER entry point to get in...”



Private Cycle Turns, June 26 to September 5, TRACK RECORD:

1. June 26, perfect

2. July 4, perfect

3. July 9, perfect

4. July 17, perfect

5. July 26, near-perfect (only 2-days off)

6. August 1, no turn

7. August 7, perfect

8. August 15, perfect turn; But Inverted!

9. August 19, perfect

10. August 22, perfect

11. August 27, perfect

12. August 30, perfect

Of the above past 12 Turns in the past 11-weeks, our PRIVATE CYCLE 'nailed' 10 of 12 turns… Perfectly, 83%... WOW!



Our Polny's Bitcoin Crypto Index includes that TIME point and much, much more!


There will be many sharp price Spikes and Drops along the way and as a Trader/Investor, the future HIGH, LOW CYCLE DATES and Elliott WAVE COUNTS (knowing when) to exit and re-enter are very important, you need reliable analysis.

Polny's Bitcoin Crypto Index is amazingly accurate (verifiable), our time analysis is a must-have to help you navigate through the crypto space and maximize profitability. Do you want the 'best Bitcoin time analysis' available? 

YES Bo, Sign me up!


For one year of Polny's Bitcoin Crypto Index, I get this right Now for Just $1,990* 

($2,388 total value) limited time offer.

I understand because of the confidence in your analysis you are offering a

*12 Month* 100% Money Back Guarantee of the initial annual Subscription cost if I do not see a 100% return on my initial crypto investment within 12 months of subscribing.

Here’s is what I am getting as a Subscriber...


Polny's Bitcoin Crypto Index - 12 months

(Total Value $2,388)

üReceive Important 'KEY' dates relative to bitcoin's future cycle.

(2-3 weekly)

üRecieve expected future bitcoin cycle HIGH and LOW DATES up to

30-days in advance. (weekly

üReceive charts with Fibonacci Price Targets for many popular Altcoins. (weekly)

üReceive expected timing of sharp Multi-thousand dollar price drops and Spikes.

Polny's Biggest Winning  Altcoins

 for 2019

üDetailed information on which Altcoins are expected to be the Biggest Winners for 2019 that are forecasted to produce the highest gains.


***12 Month Guarantee***  

We are so confident in our analysis, we backed it with 100% Money Back Guarantee of the initial annual Subscription cost if you do not see a 100% return on your initial crypto investment within 12 months of subscribing.  Just contact us and let us know, it's that easy.

What subscribers are saying

Total Value: $2,388

Today, You're getting this 

Now Just $1,990 USD

Thank you for subscribing to Polny's Bitcoin Crypto Index

Bless You and Your Family,

Bo Polny - Analyst of TIME

God is the source of my supply and I know God is the light principle within me and I know I am alive and all my needs are met at every moment in time and point in space.

Gods wealth flows freely, joyously and ceaselessly into my experience and i give thanks

for gods riches forever circulating in my experiences. Thank you God.

12 Month Guarantee
Annual Special
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